Paqqy is a peer-to-peer delivery platform

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When you post a Paq on Paqqy, you specify the amount of money the deliverer you chose will earn. Be careful: prices too low will not attract deliverers. The deliverers can negotiate with you on price. Shared economy ensures deliveries will be affordable for everyone!

As you place a Paq to be delivered, you receive candidates for the delivery. The speed of the delivery depends on how quick people will find your Paq. You can post a Paq directly on the route of a deliverer. The more people use Paqqy, the faster are the deliveries!

Paqqy has a double confirmation system. The owner of the Paq and the deliverer must confirm every step of the delivery process. Rating and feedback systems help to separate good deliverers out of bad deliverers. All the users are verified – you know who delivers your Paqs!

Let's see how Paqqy works !

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